Kebun Pekarangan Rumah

Menghadapi Stunting dan Kemiskinan di Tingkat Lokal


  • Komang Ariyanto Universitas Lampung



Yard, Stunting, Poverty


The high number of stunting that occurs in Indonesia requires the government to continue to strive to prevent and treat stunting. Various efforts have been made by the government, but many programs are deemed ineffective so that the stunting rate in Indonesia remains high when compared to neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. The purpose of this research is to examine the solution to the problem of stunting as a national health development. In this study the authors used qualitative methods and literature as an approach. The research results show that the solution to utilizing home garden land is important because people can meet their nutritional needs by utilizing crop yields harvested from home garden land. In addition, the community can also get income if they can make optimal use of their yards. In addition, the community can also reduce their income because the community does not have to bother buying their nutritional food needs elsewhere.

Author Biography

Komang Ariyanto, Universitas Lampung

Department of Sociology, Lampung University, Indonesia




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Komang Ariyanto. (2023). Kebun Pekarangan Rumah: Menghadapi Stunting dan Kemiskinan di Tingkat Lokal. JIAPI: Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi Dan Pemerintahan Indonesia, 4(1), 55-61.